Lo Stivale D’oro was born as a name in Amsterdam more than 30 years ago, and since January 2021 we have focused on the pizzeria – wine-bar concept, but brought in our own style.
We believe in the bond of a good piece of pizza accompanied by a high-quality wine.
We import our wines exclusively from the claudioquarta.it wine cellar. A winery that is only present on the Italian territory of Puglia and Campania, which we have selected for our pizzeria as the best pairing with a slice of pizza.
We believe that a glass of wine compared to the classic glass of beer can enhance the taste of the typical products on our menu.
Every product we offer on our menu is completely made according to Italian tradition.
We use our care in every dish we offer, starting with the basic ingredients and obtaining the best end result.


All the products on the menu are home-made as grandma intended!
Andrea, our Pizza Chef, has come up with his own personal type of dough from his mix of work and experience in various countries, mainly Italy, Portugal and Holland but always with an eye on Southern Italy.
You will find Andrea’s talents ready to offer, within the restaurant, the top taste and quality for each pizza he makes.
The flours of the dough are a unique combination from the union of 3 types of flours: the classic 0 milling, the stone milled and a multi-cereal. We incorporate stone milling as a type of flour in our doughs as it retains all nutritional values and enzymes, avoiding the industrialised flour process as much as possible.


All our products are selected and of certified Italian origin. We always go in search of quality product with the aim of letting the customer taste local Italian excellence.
Our vegetables come from Sicily, we use Tropea onions, our mozzarella and peeled tomatoes are imported directly from Campania where the real pizza was born.
To make an excellent pizza, we have opted for an electric oven with 0 emissions and the latest generation, simulating a wood-fired oven in every way. It is able to maintain a constant and high temperature, absorb any kind of fumes and is environmental friendly.

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Amstelstraat 49
1017DA Amsterdam

17:00PM - 22:30PM

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